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Autumn in the garden

Tori Domaille

Summer 2020 brought record-breaking heat, leaving many home gardens in tatters. In fact, “July 2020 has tied...

There’s more to buying a home than taking on a monthly mortgage payment

Tori Domaille

There are good reasons that homebuyers are counselled to see a lender early in the homebuying process. Yes, he...

Learn about 3 hidden household hazards

Tori Domaille

When you bought your home you most likely had a home inspector visit to find out what, if anything, is...

Tips to create the ideal home-study space for your child

Tori Domaille

One of the biggest questions during the COVID-19 crisis is whether or not schools should reopen. It’s challe...

Appraisal problems in a hot real estate market

Tori Domaille

Real estate markets aren’t static. But, when a market is as “hot” as the current one, it presents proble...

Farms for Sale – What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Farm

Tori Domaille

For folks not raised on a farm, life on one typically starts as a dream. The whole notion of escaping...

How to Clean Your Ceramic Cooktop

Tori Domaille

Americans have had a love affair with smooth cooktops since the 1970s when they were first introduced. At that...

First Time Homebuyer Guide

Tori Domaille

Although the real estate market was sent reeling for a moment under the weight of the pandemic, it didn’t ta...

Houseplant rescue

Tori Domaille

Hot summers and frigid winters are brutal on outdoor plants. We expect that our indoor plants are sheltered fr...


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